Death took away Dr Adisa Lugaliki. She is the first doctor to succumb to COVID-19.

Dr Adisa was engaged to 45-year-old Fred Mboss.

And later this month, the couple was planning on visiting Bungoma for the first introduction ceremony.

“The visit was to be followed by dowry payments before the wedding. The wedding plans were taking shape.”

However, that was not to be. On July 5, Adisa fell sick and Mboss rushed her to Aga Khan University Hospital. She was diagnosed with diabetes and admitted at 10pm.

The family revealed in the eulogy that Mboss was one of the last people who were with Dr Adisa on her death bed.

The appreciation note read,

"We sincerely wish to convey our gratitude to...Family members: siblings Carol and Lenny and Dr Adisa’s friend Fred Mboss for the bold step of

taking her to hospital on Monday and the chance they had to hear her final conversations like a

soldier looking forward to return home from war."

Reminising about their life together Mboss said in an interview with the Star,

“I loved her because of her beauty, character and brains. Our parents were happy when we told them and they promised to support us.”