Singer Akothee is known for her unique sense of fashion. She loves to wear short clothes from dresses, skirts to hotpants and swimsuits. Not so long ago, she left heads turning after showing up at parliament buildings wearing a miniskirt.

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Akothee shared a photo from back in 2000 wearing a long dress accompanied by an inspirational message below.

Go through life, stop showing up in life, stop complaining, stop comparing yourself with people you don't know or have never met, settling for less starts with you 👊. Stop hanging around people who make you feel like you haven't achieved anything In life👊you can't thrive if you constantly think you can't, yes you can, we all can 💪. The universe is wide enough for everyone to occupy and manifest their Gifts 🙏🏾. You can't be someone else, you just have to be you, and that's what makes original sexy 💪 Believe in whatever you do even if it's taking you to hell, reach hell come back and tell us how hell looks like ,stay truest to yourself. Life has so much to offer. You don't get that what you want, you get that what you deserve. The more you give to the world, the more you recieve 💪Blessed week Esther Akoth Okello

2000 💪 Before The tailor started making handkerchiefs.

Check out the photo

Her fans were mesmerized and comments include;

Betty Opondo Kwani ulikuwa wa Pastor Owuor😂😂😂

Nyakwar Achieng When tailors were still making curtains 🤗🤗🤗..... memories are made of this jaber

sir_hart_ Here you were a wife material according to the world standards

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Foibe Hakaye Indeed life is a journey looking at that picture who could ever believe that one day you will be where you're today? Keep shining my dear.

kibandaskyman Hapa Sasa ulikua Virgin before Millennium

Purity Lumumba I'm keeping this picture so that whenever i feel like losing hope or giving up in life I'll be looking at it and say "God is at work my destiny is coming "hope it gives me the caurage need 😍😍😍lots of love Akothee our mother.

Adhiambo Aluoch Now I understand why you rarely wear long dresses, they remind you of your past and the truth is, the past has nothing new to offer. We officially permit you to wear handkerchiefs...yes!😊

sembwelwa Kwa kweli ulikuwa MShamba sana.

titusmutugi Watu utoka mbali enyewe umeweza

Pauline Onginjo I always love your stories because they're true inspiration from real life's easy to relate with and gives one hope to keep on striving to get where she wants to be...keep up mama. God bless you. I love you all the way.

Lulu Akuei It is good to keep those picture which make you to be strong woman today, through hardship God has bless you with very thing now. May God bless the work of your hand and your family boss lady

Amanda Natalie You are an inspiration to single women your words have just brightened my day and made me stronger

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