Model and fashion stylist Letoya Johnstone has branded the Kenyan entertainment scene as a cutthroat industry.

In an emotional post, Letoya shared how people are rejected and later called back as though nothing happened.

"This entertainment industry is interesting. Today you are kicked out and called all names. The following day you are needed to render the services to the same people who got bored of you and kicked you out of their lives. Life is no longer a b*tch. It is A BEACH"

"Trust me darling, people don't forgive you. It is a cutthroat industry. You will always be called back to offer your services because you are good at what you do. Period. Anyone and everyone is dispensable.!"

Letoya went on to advise people in the industry urging them to avoid the 'b*tch attitude'.

"Never ever cut the hands that have fed you and, never ever underestimate the power of those who worked for you or stood by your side. Good deeds can never be erased by b*tch attitudes. And above all else, never on this earth refer to a person's pay cheque as, "mere pocket change."

"Our craft is one thing that makes us stand out. But, after you cut us, just know that we are human beings. We bleed!"

Last week, Johnstone shared a message opening up about the depression that she had been undergoing.

This life is very unpredictable, just live it like today is your last. Don’t be sad always on social media, don’t be mean to people. Stay solid and try to be happy regardless of the circumstances. Trust me we’re all struggling in so many different ways.

Stay blessed my people!