KICC CEO and President Uhuru's niece Nana Gecaga is a single mother of three adorable sons namely; Udi, Jomo, and Kenya-Uhuru.

She has been sharing photos enjoying quality time with her children during this quarantine period.

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Her eldest son Udi has just turned seven years old and being the proud mother she is, she shared photos of him.

Nana showered him with love on his birthday.

"My Baby is 7 years old today and thanking GOD for bringing us this far 🙏🏽 please help me in wishing my eldest son Udi a Happy Birthday today 🎉 WE LOVE YOU UDI AND KEEP DOING YOU ALWAYS ❤️" she posted.

Below are photos of Nana and her firstborn, go through

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In a previous interview with True Love Magazine, she described her firstborn as her protector and very inquisitive.

"Udi is my protector I guess that comes with from being the eldest. Every time he's given something, he immediately says ‘and more for my mama’. He questions everything he doesn’t understand and will not rest until you have answered his question."

Recently, the 42-year-old celebrated 21 years of sobriety and in an encouraging post, which read,

21 years ago today I made the biggest decision in my life which was to STOP DRINKING 🙏🏽 I just want to thank EVERYONE who has been on this journey with me 21 years ago till TODAY. Thank you for your support, encouragement and LOVE 🙏🏽.

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