The Godfather of Kenyan comedy Daniel Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill is a force to reckon with. Churchill has nurtured so many talents among them Eric Omondi, and Chipukeezy who have managed to build their own brands and now work solo.

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But in the past few months, Churchill together with some individuals at laugh industry have been accused of mistreating and not paying comedians, who leave us in stitches whenever they grace the screens.

Comedians Owago Onyiro and Jalang'o have defended Churchill on the allegations. Addressing upcoming comedians, Jalang'o in a lengthy post, advised comedians to work hard, build their brands, and stop living beyond their means to impress people.

This thing takes time! From 2005 I was already acting at KNT! You cant be me today! You cant live where I live nor can you drive the car I drive! Dont Kill yourself! You must do time! It will take year!! You cant be Churchill in a year or after 2 shows! Let them laugh at you but build your brand! Work on yourself be the brand you've always wanted to be! Be humble people! You will not make money even in 5 years but if you are consistent it will come! Don't fake it!! Be yourself!! Be you! Drugs and alcohol will take the truth away for a minute then you will be back to reality! Reach out...Talk to us,let us know what you are going through! We are your big brothers!! Don't fall in the trap !! Live to your standards! You are not Churchill, you are not Jalas you are not Eric! Build your brand!! It cant happen in a day! It takes time! We wish Othul Quick Recovery.

Jalang'o's remarks were echoed by Churchill and responding to the post, he wrote,

Well spoken

Reactions from Kenyans on Jalang'o's post include;

sleepydavid We are trusting the process bro it’s really hard but we hope we can get the vision going to some of us we don’t know another Life. We want to Grow the industry even if it means not for us but for the NEXT Generation. The Legacy is simple an Industry and Ayeiyaa, Kasee, Njenga, are part of it one day your Kids will Enjoy the Fruits maybe.

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owago Direct and clear

maureenkunga This is a very good, very honest message. May he rest in peace and may God help our industries, and allow us to be confident, open and honest, and truly ourselves, without giving up or giving in. Couldn't have said it better

massawejapanni I like the part .."Don't fake! Be you.." It takes a character to know that you don't have to succumb to social pressure!! Know yourself and pursue your journey however lonely it is.

chris001ke Well said big bro

hopekidhk Well said heavy j

anita_soina Thank you. No 2 should sink deep. You can't live to please people when they can't fundraise for your lifestyle. It's sad that some people can't even put on their nice clothes and other things more than once because "Nishavaa na nikapiga picha na washaona Instagram " Awuoro !!! Siwezipanda matatu juu mafans au watu watafanya hivi,,,,,, sasa mtu anawork hard na baadala ya kuinvest kwa vitu zitaprofit anafocus na vitu kama nguo etc. Kesho kazi ikikwama AMA sahi kuna corona hawezijimaintain . One thing, People will talk anyway so don't pressure yourself to make them satisfied

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