Media personality Betty Kyallo moved her beauty parlour from FCB Mihrab to a two-storey building in Kilimani. She opened Flair by Betty in April 2018 a few months after falling out with her ex BFF Susan Kaittny.

Betty and Kaittany teamed up to open Posh Palace salon, whereby each contributed 50/50 but it didn't end well.

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During the launch of Flair at its new location, Betty said she didn't partner with anyone to open the beauty parlour, stating that she was 'once bitten'.

'I feel partnerships can work but there has to be guidelines, job descriptions, what's your role but if you don't have that then it won't work. For me partnerships, I think I tried it nikaungua mkono na nimemove on," she said.

Betty wanted to be in the business alone for various reasons and highlighting one of the reasons, she said,

I want to be the person making decisions, I want to have a personal relationship with Employees.

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Talking about the biggest challenge of managing  her beauty parlour, she said

...Customer satisfaction because we can have a beautiful place like this but the customers are not satisfied. I always make sure our game is on point so that we're not having any bad reviews. We give our clients value for their money.

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