There seems to be a beef brewing between Benzema of Ochunglo music group and socialite-cum-rapper Noti Flow, whose real name is Florence.

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It started with Noti Flow, who shared a post on Instagram responding to rumours that she had sex with Benzema.

In the post she denied the claims and accused the artiste of sleeping around without protection.

For those of you insisting I f****d that fisi nigga, I'm sorry to burst your bubbles, No we did not. Well, I almost did. I'm a grown up. I'm human, single and horny...That nigga f***saround without protection. I wasn't about to risk getting pregnant for a deadbeat or still worse contract diseases. I'm smarter than that and that's why someone is mad.

Benzema clapped back at the controversial rapper, stating that he is a walking condom.

'Nani alisema sivaangi CD...?? I am a walking condom 😏😏' he wrote.

Could this be a real beef or just another publicity stunt?

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