By the time this Covid-19 period is over many marriages will be broken.

From a rise in domestic violence and cheating, many spouses are having a hard time with their spouses.

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Well, a married woman has taken to social media to reveal that her husband hasn't been home for the past two nights and she's worried.

'my husband has not been home for the past two nights. all he does is text not even call. I called my mother and sisters to complain and they said he will come back home. My mother said my father used to do the same thing to her and my sister said her hubby does so too. Is this what marriage is all about? We don't have children yet. should I leave this marriage?' she wrote.

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holla_efe Mothers keep encouraging bad things because they accepted same from their husband

kenny_emi Married women go through a lot

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ushadeander Leaving a marriage is not really a solution if you don’t find out what is really making him not to come home. He might just be irresponsible or something may be bothering him. Don’t conclude yet based on what your sister said. If you’re leaving the marriage or getting a side nigga, do it after you’ve cleared all your doubts.

claracoal_ Just pray abt it. Only God can make him change.

pawsnaija Run while you still can sis

house_of_hadizah1 It’s too early for you to start all these complains in marriage. The signs are there. At least you don’t have children for him, so what’s your excuse not to leave?

Is he the sole provider? You can still get a job and cater for yourself. Good luck

theopheelz He is on the other side ..chilling with Amaka 😂

lilychinelo Have tried to find out what keeps him off house? Forget what your mother and sister said... Walk away if you can't deal with it

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