A city woman has revealed that she's not happy with her husband's big tummy. She is not a fan of it and wants him to change his lifestyle.

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My husband's stomach has become too big for me. Since lockdown its getting bigger and bigger because all he does is just drink beer. He can drink seven bottles of Heineken in a day. He always drinks with his friends. We have not had missionary sex style since 2014 because his stomach has become big. His 'banana' is also disappearing. He hates workout. What can I do?' she wrote to a relationship expert.

Reactions from social media users include;

annieeescobar Madam buy him a waist trainer

truthproperties Imagine been married to a pregnant man 🤣

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mr_nemy Divorce him

haykay_nigga Ride him no time don’t be a lazy woman

one.guy 🤣🤣🤣Your husband has invested enough in that tummy to make it go down.

bunmi.e.benson And this is somebody's zaddy. Smh 🤣

phoenixwill 🤣Have you tried registering him in a gym, buying supplements and training with him?

demodahair And this kind of men will still cheat 🙄🙄. Tell him to workout 🏋️‍♀️ communicate with him abeg, my flat tummy tea

gohretti His stomach is resting on your back during doggy 😂

badey 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Big tummy is a total turn off for me..

jennique_collectiongang Aside sex, his health should be paramount here. He really needs to slow down because, diabetes, high blood pressure and partial stroke is real. You really need to educate him on this

dacryztal Lol. Encourage him to workout

bjebonybaby But him waist trainer to use when having sex

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