Many people have been saddened by a viral clip of a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the neck of a black-American man as he begged for help.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old, was heard shouting “I cannot breathe” and “Don’t kill me!”

He was later taken to hospital after the incident where he was pronounced death.

Among the celebrities that have shared the #IStandWithGeorgeFloyd is Janet Mbugua, who wrote,

‘Please, I can’t breathe. My neck hurts. My stomach hurts. Everything hurts. They’re going to kill me’


International celebrities that reacted to the incident are Lebron James, Meek Mill, Snoop Dog among others

Here are comments from some of the Kenyans that have watched the video;


I watched the video the hatred is on another level i wish it's happens to him and his family to have a taste of the pain this black man family feels


So so heart breaking 💔💔💔. The moment he just started saying that I couldn't watch it #justiceforblackpeople


#justiceforfloyd #icantbreathe Here wondering whether this people don't know the value of a black life😪


I have just watched it. Horrifying times to be a black man. 💔💔 #icantbreathe


Saddest thing ive watched😥😥😥


Such a senseless killing😭😭


Racism is evil!! Let’s be humane.


😥😥😥this is sad.The black man seems an endangered species in some countries😓


😭 heart breaking and terrifying


ThIs was so sad to watch.#blacklivesmatter 🇰🇪


The phrase I cannot breathe reminds me of the black man who was recently killed by a white policeman it’s very painful 🥺🥺🥺


😩😩😭😭😭😭 that is tge saddest thing I've watched. I teared up.When will racism ever stop???! Black lives matter.