Are you a baby daddy? What kind of a person are you? Do you take care of your child(ren) or you're a deadbeat father?

Well, below is a list of different types of baby daddies in Kenya.

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  1. Deadbeats

They never provide child support. They are always on social media posting pics of the child yet they don't even contribute a dime to.

2. Providers

These are the type of baby daddies most women love. They provide for their kids even after parting ways with baby mamas. They're heaven sent.

3. Those who smash

These are the ones who will keep sleeping with their baby mamas even after separating. They are always sexually starved.

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4. Rumour mongers

No one likes such. He will always go around bad mouthing you and even spoil your relationship with your new bae.

5. Violent

Wife batterers. They will beat their baby mamas and threaten to kill you if you ever think of suing or reporting the matter to the police. They're the reason why some children end up being orphans.

6. Abusive

From physical to emotional abuse, they make their baby mamas go through hell especially the drunk and disorderly ones.

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7. Those who vanish only to come back when the kid is doing okay.