Suzie Malaki aka Rufina aka Mama Silas is the bad-hearted and strict mother who dictates for her son who to marry. She's Maria's aunt, who raised her after her mother died. She's always eavesdropping on people's conversations and warns everyone to stay away from Maria, because she's a 'jambazi'.

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This woman is a good example of mama wa ploti, the know it all and always not happy whenever father Ezekiel visits Maria's house in the densely populated area. She is so harsh to everyone including sister Teresia. She wants Silas to marry Maggie and not Vanessa (who's from the rich family)

Well, that is just her character in the series and in real life she's the opposite of that. Unlike on set where she's always in deras and headwraps, kwa ground vitu ni different.

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Check out some of the comments about her from Maria's fans

juddy.mumbeh Mama silas anachukia maria,si mpendi

jahazi_mahaba_huba Na imagine akiwa mother in law,,,🔥🔥🔥this is our patience ozorkwor in Kenya

verahbright Mama Silas uwache kuita Maria jambazi....but the society can't do without you😆😆😆😆. African mothers

lndchepkemoi Aki I love this lady.she is a mad mother.

katetimpi I hate her character 🙈🙈 but she brings it out very well

winniewinnels Mama mtiaji

nyambumengo  Huyu mama silas.. Bp yake kila tym hukuwa high

misskhams She reminds me of my mum...the way she handles Silas wacha tuu

jimmyblessing254 Waoh kumbe she is this beautiful

terry.andenga Lakini huyu mama anaweza kuumisha mtu roho sana.a very great actress

lucylance1 Mwanamke tough ni huyo

kagizjudy 🙄🙄Hafanani na character yake. 😱