Tanzanian singer Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz ex best friend, had a hard time trying to control socialite and video vixen Nicole Joy Berry during Instagram live.

Rumour has is that Harmonize and Nicole are dating and recently, his mzungu lover Sarah went ham on him and even unfollowed him on Instagram.

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On Wednesday, Harmonize went live on Instagram with his ex Wolper and from their conversation, the two seems to still love each other.

He even revealed that two years ago he attended Wolper's birthday party with Sarah.

'Are you happy in your new relationship?' the singer asked his ex.

Wolper responded saying, 'Yes I am. Currently dating a mature man.'

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The Uno hitmaker also went live with Nicole Joy and this didn't go well.

Sarah commented referring to Nicole as a prostitute.

'Malaya (Prostitute),' she wrote.

The heavily endowed socialite went on a rant and she replied to Sarah threatening her.

Call me malaya one more time!

Nicole during the live video went out of context and started insulting Sarah, making it hard for Harmonize to control her.

Sarah I don't need harmonize in my home. I can listen to him from the studio. i don't call your boyfriend, he requested [me to join him live]. harmonize talk to her,' nICOLE SAID IN SAID.

The Bongo sensational tried calming her down but she was angry.

'calm down baby,' he told her before she went off.

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