Controversial Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has been trending for the last 24 hours after conducting a Mathematics class online for KCSE candidates.

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On May 1, in a live video, he said that Maths, a subject many dislike especially in high school was 'the easiest subject on earth'. The former Sonu chair and ODM legislator taught trigonometry, integration and calculus, leaving many awed.

Babu, who scored an A- (minus) at Kisumu Boys a few years back promised to do more revision with this year's KCSE candidates next week.

Many were happy with him and reactions include;

Donald Kipkorir God Bless you my Brother .... Shared knowledge is shared Blessing & they return.

Ahmdnasir Abdullahi A man of all addition to representing your people in parliament, you should also be parttime maths teacher in one of the local schools...talent mingi...

Kanungo Mwenyewe #BabuOwino with no fear nor sear ....we humbly show the world that politically we have a potential leader in all corners of the world ....Kenya yasonga na BABU OWINO TIBIIM

Michael Ochieng After Babu's successful Maths class, DP with CRE practical will be live from Karen Chapel. We shall be speaking in tongues. He will also dwell on matters Land erosion and deforestation.

Sudi and Waititu are also preparing for an English Grammar class next week. Pamoja tukomeshe Covid-19

Deported Palmer Babu Owino you're the best thing that ever happened to the 12th Parliament. The future of Kenyan youths is in safe hands. Vivaa Future President!!!

Leonard Muombi I am a mathematician by profession but I can attest you are way above Board!. Pure maths isn't easy!. You are brilliant Sir

Wuod Caro Kod Aguko Your lecture on Maths yesterday gave so many hopes and i hear Jaguar is now planning to take us through Chemistry paper 2 by 1 pm. Good job let's wait for memory verse too from the other side.

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The politician later took to social media to share his tough childhood upbringing and shared a photo to drive home the point.

I remember when we used to go without food but still had to soldier on and find my path in life.A path that was to make a difference to my mum and other family members.I had to burn the midnight oil to study at the same time sell chang’aa to raise my school fees both at Primary school and High School.I knew very well that it’s only Education that could get me from the shackles of poverty and I decided to concentrate on it.It worked.Lets invest in Education Fellow parents,brothers and sisters.Never give up comrades God is in it,' he aptioned the above pic.

His story about humble beginnings has always inspired many and below is what his fans had to say;

nicelicious_ You've come a long way and still going far 👌

jayvlogs684 You've really worked hard

Maina Ndegwa Na bado hujajiita hustler nation


Momanyi Nyaigero ...reminds me of my days while in the campus. Sleeping without taking anything sometimes & I never minded to "bother" my parents because I understood my background well. Education is indeed a life changer game.

Abu Haroun Musa I remember this house very well how you use to teach me Maths. You had a kind heart to share the little resources you had. Tumetoka mbali, for education, is power. Tibiim Paul Ongili.

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