People are suffering during this quarantine period. Some are tired of 'eating meat' every day but can't go anywhere to get something else because of the stay at home order and curfew.

In this week's question we asked Mpasho fans to share their sexual experiences during this quarantine period and the responses were funny. Whereas some were complaining of dry spells, others were lamenting about their experiences.

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Check out some of the responses;

Nekesa Dor He eats a lot and everytime we're having sex he farts a lot.

Alice Wangari There's this gospel artiste I had a crush on him and over the weekend he invited me for a sleepover. I was overexcited coz from the chats, he made me feel that alikuwa anaenda kuniondolea dry spell. Shock on me! He is poor at romancing, doesn't know how to kiss and he has a small d*ck. In short one minute man. I still regret why I went.

Carol de Vries Ka shot kamoja mpaka chee.

Ojiji Jakwath Jr. My wife does not want to understand that my balls are empty. Naona nikimwaga hasira sasa.

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Winnie Wankio Dryspell tuu.

Rim Tz Mueni nimeoa kila sa" nengaa mutii" am tired.

Monica Mailo We're fasting for coronavirus.

Eric Baldeo Unable to get a mask for my dick.😀😂😎

Cecilia Kanini Naomba tuu hii shida iishe my nunu has been punished ya kutosha.

Boty Ppooy Hakuna utamu wa sidechic kukula wife ni boring.

Annita Ann Battery low kila wakati. Frustrated.😭😭😭

Liam Brian Dryspell imenionyesha mambo. Madem wamenipromise ati after lockdown. Mimi nimenyonga kanugu hadi nimekahurumia🤤😂😂

Alukaya Enoq Aubameyang It has forced me to depend on only one.

Morine Msimbi Yani Kuna watu wanakulana na hii pandemic🤔

Vîkìï Dëåvyñz Hata kama ni wewe unaezaje kukaa na mtu anakulamba makwapa wakati wa romance 😮😮Hio si uchawi?

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