'You can't please the world when your own kids are not happy,' Zari warns Diamond

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

Zari Hassan ex to Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz has blasted him for what she calls being a clown.

This was after Diamond said he would help 500 families affected by Covid-19 to pay rent for three months.

Zari blasted him for pretending to mind other people where as his own kids were miserable.

'But you dont know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid.

You will never please the world when your own are not happy & taken care of.

Your selling a lie. Some pple have become clowns to some of us....' zari wrote on her Instastories

Diamond had earlier said he understood the challenges people are going through due to Covid-19 thus his desire to help.

'I pretty much know that at these terrible times where we are all fighting global pandemic COVID-19, countless life circumstances have changed especially in businesses.

Many businessesa are drowning hence rendering to financial difficulties and life becoming a little bit tough to many of us," he said.

Adding that he is willing to part with the little that God have blessed him with to help those in need.

'I have decided to atleast offer a helping hand by paying 3 months house rent to 500 families as my kind gesture of helping one another during these terrible times of fighting COVID-19 for I believe I should share your troubles and your happiness too," singer explained.

He said he would share more details on Monday.

Is Zari right for calling Diamond a clown? Taking care of other people na watoto wake wamemshinda?