Countless celebrities have recorded their intimate session, and sadly had it leaked online by vengeful exes.

But before you try and do this for revenge, please read what the law says.

Many Kenyan celebs have felt the wrath of these inhumane act.

Below is a list of Kenyans who have had their nvde photos and intimate videos shared online, but they decided to overcome the traumatizing incident.

1- Ella Ciiru

The curvaceous damsel has been the latest victim of body shaming.

Ella's nvdes were shared weeks ago by a man she trusted enough to share the intimate photos with.

She has now taken to social media to thank her fans for not trolling her .

Some people on social media streets feed on misery.

So let me own this and take their power away. Intimate pictures and videos of me are being shared on social media.

4. Avril

Some years back photos of a woman with a striking resemble to Avril making out with another woman emerged on social media.

The photos elicited a lot of rumors but Avril claimed that the images were photo shopped by a malicious individual.

Some people even claimed she was a lesbian, something that Avril strongly denied.

“They say you haven’t made it until someone calls you the L word. I have never been experimental with my sexuality. I’m a straight chic, I’m a straight shooter,” Avril said during the interview.