Jacque Maribe has denied owning a twitter account after an unknown person opened an account with her name and photos.

The account already has more than 10,000 followers.

The account has been tweeting, pretending to be Jacque and people are having a field day responding to some of the tweets.

Taking to her Instagram Maribe wrote,

'No, I'm not on Twitter, and that's not my account.'

The account alleged to be Maribe's had shared a tweet followed by a wink and that got people excited.

Most were curious on where she has been and what she has been up to.

The mischievous once were however curious to know whether she has been keeping in touch with Jowie.

@StevoTinez: Finally the honeymoon is over. Jowie represented us well well. It's all written in your face Jowie Jowie.
@peterobe25: Nani anangulumisha kisiagi? the comedian? pig farmer? or the other woman eater whose only known address is your house?
@wegesawegesa: Comedian ile ilikua biz ya bonfire. Not so much to read from that. But pia usipunguze list hivo, sai kisiagi iko na milage ile mbaya.
@Malonza28942656: Come Kwa cube yangu tusome news za 9pm. Siku izi tunafanyia kazi nyumbani.

Despite Maribe distancing herself from the account the owner still continues to tweet.

In the latest tweet, the owner wrote

'A simple smile is the universal language of kindness. It literally costs nothing. Be modest, be happy, but love, live and laugh.'

In case you come across the account just know that huyo sio maribe