Have you noticed how boring social media has been since coronavirus hit the streets of Nairobi?

Things are thick my people.

One thing to note is that people who are always ‘eating life with a big spoon’ are nowhere to be seen.

Well, the pandemic has exposed the lie Kenyan celebs are living.

Most celebrities/ influencers go traveling on discounts, promotions or as brand ambassadors

That is why there are no more photos of ‘Hey guys, welcome to my YouTube channel, I am currently in Greece and here is how the trip went down.’

Some celebrities do pay the whole amount required for the trip but most do not.

And those who don't pay a dime are the ones constantly flooding our social media with photos survive on goodwill.

They do not live in mansions or apartments as they always portray in their photos.

There is no shame in living in a bedsitter or a single room.

The one thing that coronavirus has exposed is the lie that most celebrities/ influencers tell us.  ‘ Hey guys am just hanging out in my apartment’.

Apartment gani, such photos are usually taken when visiting well off friends and hotels.

That is why most are just taking photos of themselves in one position.

It’s not a favorite spot, hawataki uone vitu kwa ground ni different.

Eating out

Cooking at home is not for everyone but we have in the past seen celebs passing off hotel food as their cooking.

‘Having lasagna for dinner’ some will say, how come we are not seeing such photos anymore yet we have all the time and bundles to watch?

My friend sahi watu wamekwama na madodo na githeri. So post your rice and beans without fear at least your being real.

Filters are a lifesaver.

Being a celebrity people always expect you to keep certain standards, be it in life, beauty or your social life.

Have you noticed most people are only posting, motivational quotes and memes.

Bruh, it’s because most chicks and dudes have not been able to visit the salon sura inakaa lami ya kwenda Rongai.

We also know of celebs who boost their derriere and other body parts, since they have been unable to go pick up boosters they can't risk exposing themselves.

They keep re-sharing old photos, not that it’s bad but let's be real we are in 2020.

So fellow Kenyans, let no one pressure you about where you live, beauty standards and perfect body image. Do  you boo, pressure wachia cooker.

You will even be shocked you look better than most of these celebs. They use so much makeup and filters that even God wouldn’t know them.