The gospel industry has of late been reporting more scandals than the secular industry.

From Bahati to Ringtone, they've been trending for all the wrong reasons and now Daddy Owen is the latest to be exposed.

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The Vanity hitmaker has been sued by Congolese gospel artiste Reagan Sarkozi aka Mwana wa Nzambe he is demanding over Ksh2 million in damages for unpaid royalties.

He claimed he wrote for Owen his Vanity song but instead he gave fellow artiste Pitson credits for it yet he wrote 3/4s of it. The song so far has 2.6 million views.

Sarkozi took to social media to bash him.

Daddy Owen you need to give me credit for Wewe ni Mungu. I wrote the song, you excluded me from the credits and did not pay me. You also gave credit to Pitson for writing Vanity yet I’m the one who wrote it. Pitson only finished the last bit,' he said in a video.

In another post he begged the Kenyan superstar to pay him.

Owen nipe haki yangu,' he wrote.

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Sarkozi's lawyers served Daddy Owen with the letter below.

Kenyans took to social media to lash out at Daddy Owen, who's yet to respond to the allegations.

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nats__nana @daddyowen dawa ya deni ni kulipa,mpe mwenzio haki yake jamani

kaplotimwenyewe Sad kuona msanii mwenzako akikutendea ya Musa na firauni..huku akisema ni Mwokovu😏

careen_de_generes Hadi kwenye mitandao 2much watu wa Mungu

_waswa 😂😂😂😂mlikua mnaingilia willy Paul eti alihamia secular but see your gospel artists... Lol

elvis_popo 😂😂😂lakuni zzzady Owen pia wewe ni fire unarusha hawa ma boy wako a good one... Kwanza Ule msee kipofu cjui deno ukamkula ma doe sasa pia huyu batoto ba Congo.. Mwana wa zambe.. 😂😂

The two did a collabo three years ago and their song Wewe ni Mungu was a blazing hit.

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