Chantal Grazioli, Eric Omondi's ex just like many is lonely during this quarantine period.

Chantal, who is based in Italy, the worst hit country by coronavirus pandemic, has been indoors and sharing her experience, she said it was hard for her to 'make decisions'.

Today after 57964367964 selfies lol 🤣 i came down to this one i asked almost the whole house for approval, so question ladies where do y'all go for approval? Do you ask your parents? Bae? Homegirls? Brother sister? Or just go with your own opinion? Comment below or tag them 🤗❤️' she captioned the photo below.

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Quite a number of her fans commented on her post saying her experience resonates with theirs. Reactions include;

hotterheta My own opinion is the enough ooooo....I take 50selfies ,I delete 49 i remain with one, which i later post with my own permission😂😂😂

iamcmuchina Myself. I look through the 1m pictures and pic one despite the temptation to post all 😜

n.a.d.i.a_25 My neighbour's husband

umutoni555 Own opinion 😂😂😂😂

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kulthumfaris 🤣🤣🤣 i even forgot the tight angles of taking a selfie let alone asking for approval.

lifeofsidimswahili Own opinion, I trust no one

bmusamali My brother, always a sure bet, doesn’t sugar coat anything

sabrynabelle My bae, although he says yes to all of them😢😢😢😢 smh

nelly_leu My own opinion!! 2020 can't allow me

stacey.israel My sister kills me with this I just get pissed after every two seconds I never even notice the difference in em selfies

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