Avril came out to talk about her first pregnancy especially when she was almost due.

She came out to explain her decision to keep her pregnancy a top secret.

Avril explained that she wanted better control in managing the news about the pregnancy.

“It was going to be in my time, my terms never anyone else…” she posted.

Speaking in a recent interview with Adelle Onyango on her podcast Legally Clueless, Avril  who used the name Nyambura on the 40 minute podcast has opened up on details about her pregnancy journey.

Saying that although she had wished to get a baby, she was afraid to learn that she was pregnant.

"I wasn't very sure what was happening as I was constantly tired.

One day I spoke to Baba M and I ask him, 'Yo! I think something is happening, should we have a test,'

I wanted to go through the test by myself and get the emotions by myself, I don't know why but whenever I find myself in a situation that requires me to be venerable.

Although I wanted to be a mom, I was like, am I going to be a mum, how am I going to balance this?

There were so many questions that I even questioned God," she said.

She said she told God that there were conditions for me to be a mum.

"Right now am looking back and I am why was I scared.

She wanted to have the test by herself.

"The father to my child, left the house went got a kit and he didn't tell me.

I was confused, and I didn't know what to do, we had been together for quite a while, but I was feeling like I am not sure I am at the space especially because of my career.

This is the time I was doing international collabos. I was thinking about myself. I didn't think about my partner, here is someone who has committed to you and has said he wanna do this together.

The ego could not allow me to tell him that I care for him," she said.

Avril has always kept her baby private until recent when she revealed the first photo of her baby on social media.