Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua says she had issues of trying to look perfect around people.

She says most people watched her on TV and that is how the perception developed.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Janet urged people to stop thinking that way.

"I curse because I am human, especially when I am pissed off," she said.

She then added she does not wake up with intentions to be malicious and she means well for people.

"That's a good thing. I am also becoming very protective of my energy. I have had issues in the past of trying to appear too well put together and too sanitised, but maybe it wasn't all for the wrong reasons but mostly because of my TV job," Janet said.

"As a news anchor and TV personality, I needed to keep up appearances and although I loved my job, I might have muddled it to the need to be perfect, which you don't have to do."

The mother of two says that trying to unlearn that has taken her a while because "You get used to a certain level of how you are perceived,"

She added.

If you are looking at me to that level of being perfect, I would tell you to drop it.

I don't want you to have a version of me that is I am this all mighty person who can't do wrong

She says she may have wronged people in the past and wronged at the same time, but she is on a journey of forgiveness.

"It is hard and there are some people I don't want to forgive," she said.

On how she handles social media trolls, she said she claps back when need be.

"I am not on earth to make everybody happy, I am good with that. You are coming into my space and spilling all kind of dirt and you expect me to be quiet? No, sometimes I won't and I will go as far as blocking any negativity."