Prostitution seems to be a booming business in Kenya despite it being illegal. Brothels and new hot spots are mushrooming every day in different corners of the country, a clear indication that despite the harsh economic times, prostitution is paying well.

From River Road to Hurlingham to Westlands, you will always come across s3x workers lined along the busy roads, waiting for clients.

Do you think prostitution should be legalized in Kenya?

Some venture into prostitution due to poverty, after losing their parents and have to fend for their siblings, or due to peer pressure, or greed for quick money while others do it because it's something they love doing.

But with the new technology, women from all walks of life are now giving prostitutes a run for their money.

Campus ladies between 18-30 have now revised a new method of engaging in prostitution which is different compared to the River Road prostitutes.

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They don't have to hope from one end to another and endure the harsh weather conditions and challenges that come with their job, looking for clients, but they are just a call away.

They have websites online with their profiles including phone numbers and stolen pics of the world's popular strippers and porn stars to lure thirsty clients.

Mpasho stumbled upon a page of Kenyan call girls who reside in Roysambu and Thika road areas and have turned their bedsitters into brothels. We decided to reach out to one of them identified as Sarah.

One of our male writers popularly referred to as Vindu Vihot agreed to take one for the team and here is the conversation

Vindu Vihot: I found your number online and  I am looking forward to having a great time with you. I reside in Westlands, where are you located?

Sarah: I stay in TRM along Thika road

Vindu Vihot: Are you discrete? I don't want my wife to find out. I hope you don't take photos. How much do you charge per hour?

Sarah: I charge sh5,000 per hour

Vindu Vihot: What about the whole night?

Sarah: I charge sh20,000

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Vindu Vihot: I am a fan of RAW s3x.

Sarah: What if it you get HIV/AIDs? I don't do without protection

Vindu Vihot: Are you extra in bed? Do you do an*l?

Sarah:  Yes I do an*l s3x. I charge sh30,000 per hour and sh50,000 per night.

Vindu Vihot: How old are you? I'm only interested in young women.

Sarah: I'm 19-years-old.

Vindu Vihot: What about a threesome?

Sarah: We charge sh100,000 per night

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Vindu Vihot: How soon are you available?

Sarah: Just come whenever you're ready.

Below is the audio, listen to it