Social media is full of perplexed women who wonder why their men are cheating on them.

Well, vuta stool.

Mami, the reason, your man is cheating is not because you are not enough for him. No, that's far from it. It is because situations and opportunities arose that gave him a chance to harvest some other woman.

I spoke to over 20 women and I noticed a recurring theme on the reasons why their men cheated. They are frivolous and silly reasons. Very silly!

He cheated...

  1. Because the mboch wore a knee-length skirt with a short kamisi. And he could see the silhouette of her luscious thighs.
  2. Because the midwife/nurse attending to his wife - in hospital, after childbirth - has a crooked smile and he found that adorable. It tickled his balls.
  3. Because the chic has a weave with track lines and he wants to join the demographic of men who have been there, done that, and bought a t-shirt. Alafu they go tell their boys, "Manze, I don't like women with weaves." Yet he was there moaning and groaning as they performed the reverse cowgirl.
  4. Because she has a sexy profile picture on her Whatsapp profile and an equally captivating status that reads something like, "I'm pretty sure if someone broke into my house, my dog would just show them how much he likes to lick his balls." Or an equally frivolous status like "There's no time like the present to make a positive change in your life...or to take a nice nap"
  5. Because he was moon watching his neighbour's wife washing uniform za watoto. That ka-panty line on her leso got him all hot and bothered mpaka he find yourself texting her, "Sup, beurifuu". And the rest is history