Kenyan men have come to the defense of Governor Lonyangapuo after a woman he was having an alleged liaison with leaked his naught photos.

Many termed her as a bitter and materialistic woman who only wants to break the governor's marriage.

Below are some of their advise to the man who many know as professor.

@MuthoniKe: Dear #chamanenyu, Just cheat on me the old fashioned way. Don't send her nudes. Akikuanika ametuanika sote wawili. Stay safe.

@_ItsShark: Women are control freaks and they have the power to destroy a man.
Men, sending nudes to some random women you have sex with, is equal to digging your own grave.
Sooner or later, they will leak them, or even blackmail you. Let it sink!
@Faithmwenih: I stand to defend Lonyangapuo. Even referring to the bible on the story of Samson, no man is strong before a woman. However, leaking nudes and DM's is stupidity and primitivity. Lakini professor should attend men's conference next time to learn some tactics.
@marti_kimosop: What made this lady bitter? I guess  is the money she was given she misused and now the source of income will be no more, lonyangapuo will go back to his wife.
This was meant to break the family but I guess in pokot it will not work 100% #chamanenyu.
@TheDuke_017:It’s now time to bring down this slay queen culture it’s costing us beyond repair.
Am shocked on the nudes of me mathematics going round and that bitch is still alive .
Mtaendelea na kuuliwa tu treat men with dignity #chamanenyu.
Do you think the woman did right by leaking the nudes?