A middle-aged woman has narrated how a decision by her family to take her to a rehab centre for drug addiction made her discover lesbianism.

*Rose was at the time abusing drugs and her parents took her to rehab for 6 months.

Speaking during 'Toboa Siri' a segment that airs on Radio Jambo, Rose said,

'When I was in form three I used to take a lot of weed, my mum did not know about it but at some point she found out.

This was after parents to some of my friends reported me to my mum.

I was placed in rehab for five months.'

Rose added that while in rehab she discovered that contrary to what she believed she liked women more than she did men.

'I started getting feelings for fellow ladies.

There was a lady who was a lesbian and we fell in love.

I left this lady in rehab, two weeks after, I met another lady and she wanted to meet my parents but my mother does not know I am a lesbian.

My dad is late.'

Rose said that she is tired of her mother trying to match-make her with men when it's obvious she is not interested.

'She has introduced me to her parents and they accepted me.

I am 21 and I am the lady in the relationship. My partner wants to propose and she will only do that after meeting my parents.

My mum on the other hands keep trying to match make me with men she works with, I am tired.'