In the wake of Corona virus attacking Kenya, Jahmby Koikai has shared some of the things she feels would help if the government was to implement.

Though her social media she shared

'So Corona virus is here with us. Unfortunately a huge number of the Kenyan population reside in densely populated areas with lack of basic amenities and facilities.

Case in point, Dagoretti massive.

We get water once a week. For those who don't have boreholes, they have to buy water everyday.

There are people who cannot afford hand sanitizer because they're unable to meet their basic needs.

Secondly, huku kwetu kuna bar zinaitangwa Obama.'

These bars have no sanitation facilities. So the people who drink there use our fences as their natural washroom yet there's a City Council bathroom at the terminus. Their trousers act as hand sanitizer.'

Jahmby added that matatu stages are also an area that should be looked into

'Thirdly, there's a group of guys called Kamagera that drive the matatus in the hood after the official designated driver has arrived from town to the hood.

When these matatu drivers arrive from town, our fence is their preferred place to water our God given greenery.

We are used to the heavy ammonia that emanates from our fence because of these brothers.

Remember, they don't wash their hands.

We all go to the same shop. Exchange currency. Drive and ride on these matatus.'

Like every town, Jahmby argues that the open spaces that sell fries and other stuff should be provided with running water.

'Fourthly, huku ni area ya mamwitu, food inapikwa kwa baro, mnakula mafuta ya juzi na vumbi. Still, no running water in sight.

Our brothers who love ndogogio love mutura, rurimi, mara fried at 6pm as they surround the big pan, with black oil.

They onja as they await their serving and still no running water in sight.

Mama mboga is right next to the bars. Still no running water in sight or washrooms.'

In conclusion she sadi

'Mr. CS, Mheshimiwa MP and MCA, the ghetto is not safe. Hatuna maji. Shut down these bars and these hotels.

Also arrest anyone found urinating on people's fences.

There's no water for them to wash their hands kwa fence then they drive the matatus.

We have been complaining for close to 2 years with no help in sight. It's about time someone heard our plea now that Corona Virus is here.'

Do you think the government is doing enough to contain the situation ama ni every man for himself and God for us all?