We've heard the phrase keep your friends close and your 'enemies' even closer and that is exactly what Vivianne's husband, Sam West, did to win her heart.

Vivianne met her husband through her employee who used to run errands for her.

The funny thing is, Sam West was jealous of what he thought was a relationship between the goffer and Vivianne.

'I first saw her on TV and she was singing a song that touched my heart.

I was a bit cautious approaching her because I knew someone who knew her and I did not know whether they were dating.

I later learned he was just a handyman, and he was the one who helped me get her contacts.'

Sam added,

'When I first called her she did not pick up and when she did she was very skeptical.

She told me she would get back to me later only for her to call the guy and inquire who I was.

I paid a good price for a good word to be put out to her.'

Vivianne said that the main reason she decided to meet her now-husband is that he was true to his word, whatever he said he made happen.

'I was very careful about who I was meeting as my music had just started picking up. 

When we met he had suggested a dinner meeting but I chose a lunch meeting at a very public place.

Vivviane asked Mpasho,

"Who even asks someone they are meeting for the first time for dinner?"


We met at the Yaya Centre just in case he decided to 'abduct' me'. The meeting was very official. He saw a challenge and made it an opportunity.'

Sam added,

'In my mind, I had planned on our relationship being business-oriented. But when I laid my eyes on her, I just fell in love.

 I lost control and from there it was all about us forming a partnership.

She is very humble, creative and super intelligent. I have never been in a conversation with someone who challenged me that much.'

Speaking to Mpasho Sam said,

'We met in 2016, when I saw her, I saw a lonely and needy girl. When we first met we just connected.

She is a strong and focused woman and I know even without me she would do very well in the industry.'

The couple has been together for years and they are still going strong.