Pastor dotcom! Sexy rev Lucy Natasha shows off tattoo, Fans react

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Pastor Lucy Natasha has left many shocked after showing off her tattoo.

Christened sexiest pastor in Kenya, Lucy Natasha over the weekend attended a flashy birthday of his photographer Dan and the dress code Arabian themed.

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The Dr Lucy Natasha ministries founder wore a long sleeveless blue dress and her tattoo on her left arm was exposed.

She has inscribed the word Oracle on her arm.

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It was a joyful evening joining my longterm Official Ministry Photographer @danmasoni , as he celebrated his birthday, that had an Arabian theme. We thank God for the millions we have touched around the world in conferences and crusades. Thank you son for capturing the Gospel moments through the lenses.

Life is a gift, enjoy every moment,' read the woman of God's message to her photographer,' READ THE WOMAN of God's message to her photographer.

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Her fans have reacted to her tattoo and below are comments;

prophet_michael_sello Tattoos are just a form of art, similar to painting and animation some get them as an expression of the things they hold close to their heart which may be Christian convictions like the cross a verse or oracle like above however not endorsing this as a doctrine they are clearly separate scenarios of one putting a tattoo with a demonic inscription that without doubt is evil and worthy to shun away from, the foundation of tattoos was not for fashion but for spiritual qualities for traditional practices. If a person has tattoos before being born again the mercy of God is sufficient but if a full active believer willing chooses to put tattoos it is not the Holy Spirit that inspires that decision as pastors we should let the world see that we have God not tattoos nevertheless 1 john1 vs7 to 10 keeps us all going let’s not oppose Mathew 7:1

fortresshossana Why the tattoo on her body 🤔

triciakings Tattoo?? 🤦‍♀️ 😭

nyenyeri_blsdlady Tatoo?

richevelyn06 This tattoo is changing the mind of many.

naomi_ndinguri What?? She got som ink??? Oh well if she like it then be it. God bless

mariaushirima The tattoo? What for dear rev?

joe_kimz Tattoo is the question? "Living a humble life worthy of a servant of God.

_cheryl98 A tattoo?

domymutuku @_cheryl98 am shocked also😮

princess_msuya_marena I am a servant of God who fell in dangerously in love with a none believer and that I kind of religion kept following me so badly that one day I woke up and made up my mind to draw a Jesus tattoo in my body it was so painful but I said the pain is worth it because I realized how that name was a turn off to a non-believer... I repented and the holy spirit uses me still. Behind every act, in our lives, there is a story that you know not just pray for the Oracle for more grace