Celebrated gospel singer pastor Joan Wairimu has finally spoken up about her failed marriage to bishop William Musyoki Mwangangi seven years after filing for divorce in 2013.

The Queens Ministry International founder is currently living in Canada, where she's spreading the gospel and speaking in an interview with Kikuyu Diaspora TV accused her husband of impregnating their househelp, being abusive, a womanizer and trying to kill her.

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She also revealed that their househelp at some point poisoned her son.

My house girl poisoned my son when I was away at a fasting seminar. The pharmacist called me to come and collect my child and rush him to hospital as he had been given cockroach poison. My help told me that she confused the cockroach poison with Calpol. I believed her because we were very close having lived with her for four years. Thankfully my child survived,' Wairimu narrated.

The Pambazuka na Yesu hitmaker was heartbroken after finding out that their househelp was carrying her husband's child.

I came to realize later that the househelp was pregnant by my husband. I didn’t know what was happening until she left. I came to realize later that the same time I was pregnant with my last born daughter and my househelp was pregnant with my husband’s baby. I now know that the poisoning was intentional because she was pregnant by my husband. I called her up, she confessed and said that she couldn't tell me earlier as she didn't want to break my heart,' She said.

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Wairimu also talked about how her husband denied being the father of her three kids and was forced to take DNA tests.

'It was the most painful thing ever,' she said.

Just like any strong mother, pastor Wairimu who had been in the marriage for 20 years decided to walk away and never looked back.

It took great courage, it took great strength.

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Pastor Joan is one of the Kenyan gospel singers whose music is inspirational. Her hit songs include; Kunywa Maji, Mungu Wangu, and Muigua.

Bishop Mwangangi in a previous interview accused his wife of denying him conjugal rights and absconding her wifely duties.

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