'Unleash the Kenyan in you and collect it!' Netizens beg Larry Madowo after referring to TV as trash

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Larry Madowo is living large. The BBC presenter, who's currently staying in New York City shared a photo of garbage dumped on the streets that included a Tv and captioned it;

Trash outside my apartment. This New York will show me things.

This didn't go well with Kenyans on social media and in return, they advised him to be a 'real Kenyan and take the TV inside his house'. Others advised him to take it and sell it as second hand back home.

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Some of the comments include;

Munir Kirunda Just unleash the Kenyan in you en collect it... Bro 😂😂😂

Major Generali Just pick them up bro, in fact you should be waking up early every morning to check the dustbins in your plot and other adjacent plots just in case u find something valuable you bring home....

Hon. William Chepkut Don't lose our culture bro.. Do the necessary and have it inside asap.. Our ancestors will haunt you if don't.

Dickson Nyongesa Good business.... Import of second hand electronics. Larry we can do this

Owily Madoro Kuna viatu naona hapo ndani ya polythene, Larry ebu check ni number ngapi?

Mbembe Cia Doree New York hakunanga machokora, cheza chini usituabishe pal 😂😂

Collins Omondi Okello Stop posting! Organize, mobilize, viva that tv into your house! And wait, is that a used tin of yoghurt in that polythene bag?? Jesus Christ, what wastage! Please clean it and use it to serve drinking water ASAP

Vintage Leah Don't disappoint our ancestors, we'll disown you

Alex Rottich Some of us started life with the trash thrown out. We called it DUMPSTER DIVING, i picked my first sofa, 2 bar stools, fridge and Tv from the roadside.

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Environmentalist Onjolo Don't lose our culture bro.. Do the necessary and have it inside asap.. Our ancestors will haunt you if don't.

Kimaru Huku tunaitishwa Retweets tupewe kama hiyo😪

Kevin Ochieng Riveroad loading

Gladys Murebeh The maid in Manhattan

Lion of Mara Leta nikuwe nawekea watoto wa class one movie ya yesu, Odi Wa Murang’a wanaharibu watoto

Mike Muli You are losing our culture bro, you should have picked up kitaaabo

Silas Mwirigi US is just a wonderful place to be. I picked my first car in the dumpsite too... I only replaced the headlights.

Ong'ondo Heri mtu akuwe chokosh New York kuliko kukua employed apa Kenya 🤔

Collins Wakhungu Larry we have suffered a lot together, you remember we slept in a certain room pale Nation centre in fear of the police, You know what go do.

Olchore Lekulei And the Luo blood instinct in you lies to you that it is rubbish? Be a real Kenyan, forge a sale receipt kwa River road ya Wazungu hapo and bring it to Luthuli Nairobi. Kuna fundi na ready market Omera yawa!

Cynthia Naphtals Pick it and keep it for me ,when you come home call me I will come for it thank you

Ngugi Gitau A kiuk has already sealed this in a DHL bag and its already enroute to JFK airport:It will be in the market somewhere in River road. By nightfall tomorrow. Larry Madowo


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Richie Martial It means becoming a chokora there can make you a millionaire

Okew Osimbo Larry if you truly know what New York is then you can’t pick that. Sometimes they be stolen stuff. Be very careful because you never know who is watching.

Barbara Waigwe Take it and see the police on your doorstep. It might be stolen and thrown there.

Dennis Mutua This is normal here in Seattle. I picked my current house in a dump lane i only change the main door.

Aren't Kenyans on social media just hilarious?