Love is a beautiful thing. Whether you met your spouse at a funeral, night club or church, it doesn't matter as long as you love each other.

Well, controversial gospel singer Weezdom has revealed he met his current girlfriend Staicey after she broke up with her former man.

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Commenting on Bahati's post inviting couples to share how they met their better halves, Weezdom said he had been called to reconcile them (Staicey and her ex-lover) after they broke up and he ended up 'taking her away'.

Alikuwa amekosana na chali yake wakaniita niwapatanishe. Hivo ndio nilipatana na bibi yangu💪💪,' he wrote.

Below are more interesting stories on how couples met

euphresiahwilliams Nilienda kwa choo za kanju town.. Nikiwa nimekazwa na mikonjo instead niende za ladies nikaenda za gents nikasukuma mlango kumbe kulikuwa na mtu ndani hivo ndo nilipata husband

wendyjullie 😂😂he invited me over to come and act like his girlfriend on his birthday so that his girlfriend by then would feel jeoulsy and love him ,,,kumbe hatukujua hiyo twa twa ya kwanza ingelead apa 4 years into the relationship and I'm so happy😂

dayzie_chepngetich We met at Kirichwa when we had visited my sisters father inlaw who was sick.. may his soul rest in perfect peace.... he( my better half) had come with my sis's husband... they were friends... so later when we wanted to leave he insisted he wanted to give me a push... i said okay... before we reached the bus station... he vomited... what??? Are you okay? I asked him.. i have been having some headache since morning but i will be fine.. I rushed to a nearby shop bought him dasani water... then I told him he should go back and have some rest... we exchanged numbers and the rest is history ❤️❤️❤️ ubaya hayuko instagram ningemtag

callenmoranga Nilimwuzia vitunguu akadai hana cash and he opted for Mpesa,saa hii nakata kitunguu kwake nimpikie supper 🤣

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dollymuthama I had gone to Kikuyu hospital.. Wanted to see a doctor about something. I talked to a nurse, explained myself, then he told me wacha nikuite Daktari.. That Daktari is still doctoring me to date.

wapendwamuziki Nlimchezea Keyboard akiimbia akapenda hihi sahi tunaimba pamoja and its been 7 years na Yesu ni Bwana

mowhmoh We met in a hospital...our mutual friend was admitted... sooo one Sunday afternoon I went to see my friend in hospital...en found the guy with his other friends...on our way out the guy was asked to pray...his voice was sooo deep...

behindakalenda We met in A lodging and we got married sahii ye ni pastor and we are blessed with 5kids I thank God for this..I loved that man before so I never mind her past we started a new life with God. 8yrs in marriage..though staki hela yako Baha I will hustle for my life kila mtu apambane na hali yake hii mjengo nafanya Najua God atazidi kutubariki thank you ooh.

dopeselectionke I met my better half in my first job as a hotel supervisor... He came in with a friend for tea and becon.. I served them and in the hotel we had a client whatsapp group... So his friend who was my friend asked me to add him in the group and he gave me his number... I added him and so many days followed and he kept visiting the restaurant more often we started going out and he finally told me he loved me and wanted to start something serious... But the truth is the day I met him I knew I had a husband in him and we are now pregnant expecting our bundle of joy in March

marykuira We met in church it was Palm Sunday and youth from different parishes were in attendances the rest is history 😜

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gikundamcarol  Mine is the most interesting story... infact his girlfriend was my friend had slept over at her place when he came in the morning..I had then thought he was so boring and my friend was unfortunate . we were to meet later shags five months later..he was in a hurry to get to Nairobi and I heard him tell my sister it was an emergency.that was Dec 290

kaytiejayson We met online, later we set a date a month later. The moment we met he kissed me on my lips, I was like that was weird...Nine years later, we have two babies.

aliciousku We met at my working place 2011 ....then makasiriko ikaingia 2012 that's when tulipart ways so I never heard from him since then kumbe jamaa alienda majuu, 6yrs later kimtu kikarudi how alinitrace sijui but I guess we were meant to be am married to him now, happily married 💵

man_haiter Florida 2000

mukami_ He used to sell and own a movie shop, so I was his customer 😂😂😂..the rest is history @derickomonyo I love you😘😘