Current relationships and marriage have been marred by an evil trend which does not seem to want to go away anytime soon, cheating!

It's sad to see how men and women in committed relationships will stray and still go back to their partners!

An anonymous Kenyan lady wrote to a relationship and sex expert and described her dilemma; of being in love with a married man, yet she is also in a marriage, with kids.

Here is the confession;

I am in love with someone’s husband and we are getting closer and closer. We both have families but we can’t live without meeting each other for kissing and caressing but we have never had sex. What do I do?

Here is the bold response she got from the expert, who was also disgusted by the whole situation;

Hmm… what should you do I wonder? It strikes me as hilarious that you have already started your affair and then now is when you are asking for advice. I do not think you want advice. In fact, I think you want me to co-sign your affair.

You want someone to tell you that what you are doing is OK, despite the fact that you are going to hurt other people. Look elsewhere honey, I am not the one.

Continuing along this path will hurt every single member of your families - your children and his; and each of your spouses. When they find out (and they always do), your actions will have far-reaching consequences. Cheating spouses have been dumped by their partners, cut off financially etc...

Also Read; 

Affairs are exciting. The idea that your new partner is forbidden… that you are doing something illicit… then add the fact that you believe you are in love?

Whew! It’s the stuff romance novels are made of. Even I can feel the tingles running up and down your spine. Of course, you think you ‘can’t live… without kissing and caressing’ this man even though you made it well into adulthood and managed to create an entire life and a family.

Anyway, before you go any further, I suggest you evaluate if the risks you are taking are actually worth it. If you are discussing leaving your families, consider what you might tell your husband while your lover chickens out.

Or consider that you are both running away from resolving the issues in your individual marriages, and you will probably bring that same ‘quitter attitude’ to whatever you create.

Are you sure that your marriage is worth throwing away? Are you ready to leave it, devastate your children and start fresh with this man? Will your affair survive the carnage? These are all hard questions that you need to reflect on.

Well, we can only wish this daring/unfaithful woman all the best!