Kenyan men have been advised to reduce the rate at which they gossip and attack women after they attacked Betty Kyallo on social media.

As the world marked valentine's day yesterday, Betty Kyallo took to her social media saying

'Ukipendwa pendeka. Happy Valentine's! .'Betty captioned

The post was like a practical class on how to 'rusha mawe kwa police station. There and then men started attacking her.

Some comments from the men were bitter like those of a jilted ex, mark you most have not even met Betty in person.

Below are some of the nasty comments from the men

Mwenda Wa Munyambû: Now ,look at you! Mboch alisema kwa nyumba huwa hapati cha kuiba juu hata unga and the stuff is unavailable?

You're here flaunting flowers which have no significance at all! You ought to have convinced him to go to this place where farmers have had bumper harvests ,buy you a sack of maize and grind a gunia ful unga.

Then get you enough cabbages ndio uepuke hizo aibu ndogo ndogo za huyo mama wa nyumba

Thomas Gikera: Hope toto amekula. hii maneno ya mtoto kupewa stroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong tea tumekataa unless anachana...

Britt Scarlet: ungejua vile ma brown skin uchapa fast ungejihumble.

Patty Wa Agnes LeGrandmopao: Pelekea mtoto wako izo flowers house help alisema mtoto anateseka sana.

Women came to Betty's defense and below are their comments.

Eddah Wanjiru: Vile Siku izi wanaume wanakunjia Betty comment section na matusi. You all thought she is single and disparate until u heard of that Somali guy. Itabidi mzoee.

Lilly Lutta Delissa: Why waste energy hating and criticizing someone who is living to the fullest? Betty keep going mama. I personally love you.

Win Mutua: Nani aliwaambia aliletewa na mwanaume anamkatia,, maybe ni family yake imeamua kumpea,,ama mamake hafai kumpea maua,,, u guys wacheni kutafuta comments kwa wall ya betty kwa kuandika ufala na matusi ,, itawacosti ninyi ndo maana hamlali juu ya bitterness kila mara.

Lilly Lutta Delissa: People are here hating Betty coz of lies from a nanny, my friend, those people can say anything just to spoil your name. Shindeni hapo na negative energy as she moves on with her life. Go mama.

Well my advise to Betty Kyallo is  ' Do You, whether you do good or not people will always find a reason to talk about you.'