Months after losing his baby mama, Tanzanian artist Mbosso is a broken man. This was evident yesterday as the world celebrated Valentine's day.

As everyone celebrated the people they love, Mbosso was mourning the love he lost in 2019 after his baby Mama Martha died after a sudden illness.

Taking to his social media Mbosso penned.

'Dear Martha📝 ..,The world is today celebrating valentines, people are so full of joy in the world.

Colour red is all over the place  but for me it's the contrary.

What follow me everywhere  is your face and that of our son Ibrahim Mbwana Kilungi.

I have been told he is now called Joseph.

My conscience tells me he is OK wherever he is, so do not be worried over that.'

Further adding

'The last thing is that I want to assure you that I have stopped crying.

I am trying to force myself to be happy even though my heart is full of grief.

The worst thing is that I have failed at trying to start a new life without you around.

Every day I pray that your heart rests in peace.

SLeep well Martha. 

Let me help others celebrate valentines day 😔”