Davis Mwambili, popularly known as Inspekta Mwala, is one of the best and most talented actors in the local acting industry.

Famed for his character in Kenya’s TV police comic show Inspekta Mwala which airs on Citizen TV, Mwala is among the veteran actors who are still active and doing well despite many having faded away into insignificance.

He started acting back in the 90's and most people remember him from the famous drama/comedy Vitimbi, in which he featured together with Mama Kayai, the late Mzee Ojwang, Ngomongo, just to mention but a few.

Well, when he is not busy cracking our ribs every time he graces our screen, Mwala spends quality time with his family just like any caring and loving husband and father.

The ever jovial and funny man is a father of two; a boy and a girl if we were to go by the photos from his social media accounts.

His offspring are a spitting image of him.

Mwala seems to be besotted with his daughter and he often posts photos of her on his social media accounts.

He recently posted photos posing with his daughter and captioned; "Fahari ya baba" a clear indication the young adorable daughter means a lot to him.

Check out the photos of his cute kids.

Indeed an apple never falls far from the tree.

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