Former Kleptomaniac member, Collo has opened up on his last struggle with masturbation. He said it is something he deeply regrets.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Maisha Collo said,

'My biggest regret is masturbation, People are really getting lost in it.

There is no way you can become addicted to masturbation without being addicted to pornography.'


'Pornography messes you.

You stop looking at women as women and start looking at them as objects.

So every time you jerk off you give birth to spiritual babies and that blocks you from getting kids.

When you are ready to get kids you start wondering what happened.'

Collo said that being saved has helped him overcome the addiction.

“When you are filled with the holy spirit you become strong. Masturbation is horrible, pornography is horrible. I can never wish for anyone to be in that form of bondage."

Collo is not the only celebrity who has ever talked about battling masturbation. Former Citizen TV reporter Johnson Mwakazi.

According to Mwakazi, the confession helped him get over the situation he had battled with, for so long.

“I remember when I was 14, somebody introduced me to pornography and that whole sequence began a feeling of pursuing something that you really never get to satisfy.

I remember there were days I would move from one movie to another just seeking for a movie, a pornographic movie, and it totally disoriented my thoughts or my understanding of my worth,” he added Mwakazi.