Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu is one of the most sought after men in the country by slay queens.

That is all, thanks to his deep pockets.

Every slay queen wants to have a taste of him but his wife Sarah is not going to allow these women preying on her man to continue.

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Sarah Kabu leaked a screenshot of a conversation between her husband and a random slay queen, igniting mixed reactions.

Hi Simoh, I have admired you for sometime dear. Can I be your girlfriend? Am a single mother of a six-year-old girl. Respectful and a lady of principles' read one of the lady's messages.

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Kabu, a father of two has responded to his wife's post and he jokingly told her to stop snooping on his DMs.

Sarah wewe! Wacha kusnoop kwa my DMs. Unachoma🙈🙈🙈.

Check out reactions from the couple's followers

oirya @kabusimon support your woman bana, unachoma 😂.

healthdigest @kabusimon wewe tulia, wacha hawa malaya waanikwe! Badala akuombe kazi anakuomba niniii ya Sarah?? Si poa aki!! @sarahkabu anika wote choma kabisa!!😂😂.

shantelsabrina Lakini makosa iko wapi ukiappreacite kitu😂🤭...uyu mathe ako dryspell kindly understand her.

taby When u expose your rich dude to the world he is going to get hit on.....she should stop touching his phone and she will be a happy woman no stress at all.

okumu_okundi 😂😂😂. Sarah is protecting the investment she has molded for years. Sarah, Mr. Kabu is loyal.

Rose Wangari Very desperate single mother right there.

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