Bahati's wife, Diana Marua will not be happy to learn that her husband's ex bae is demanding to be treated the same way she is.

In dramatic fashion, Yvette Obura who has a child with Bahati stormed his office to demand that the gospel star buy her and the daughter a car and a house

Mueni is the singer's oldest biological child.

Yvette got straight to point.

"When are you buying me a car? Because I am tired of using a cab. I need a car to drop Mueni to school and pick her. When you buy the car for Mueni I will be the one driving it," she said.

She added,

"When are you buying us a house? I know you can afford a house for your child. Today is that day and I do not want to know if there are cameras rolling."

Bahati, not one to be caught off guard asked Yvette,

"I'm I going around buying cars for Kenyans? What is the car for yet I pay for Mueni's taxi?"

It is not clear whether Bahati agreed to buy his child those assets.

This comes hot on the heels of the gospel star awarding fellow artiste Denno with a car.