Gospel artiste Peter Blessings has for the first time opened up on why Bahati had him arrested for allegedly owing him more than Kshtwo million.

Speaking exclusively to he said,

'I was arrested on Thursday ( 16/01/2020) and came out on Sunday (19/01/2020) for allegedly owing Bahati Ksh 2,039,000m.

That was my first time but you know I am a man so I had to bear it.

It hurt me so badly considering it was my first time in jail. If I was a bad person, I would have come out and taken my revenge. But there is no need for that, The truth will prevail.'

Blessings added,

'That place is for everyone you sleep on the floor but such is life. It really hurt me a lot and it made me question why someone would want to do that to me.

I do not even want to think about it. The prisoners were very friendly and we were even chatting. They were telling me that if I ever became famous they would support my music and pray for me to be better. They loved me a lot because they did not think I would stay in the cells for that long.'

Asked about what he was eating while behind bars Peter said,

'I was eating food being brought by my visitors.

Bahati was also coming to visit, I would find him there and we would talk a bit, He was thinking that people had coerced me to leave EMB.

But I thought about leaving EMB almost 10 times, I am just trying to protect my future. People disagree and fight that is why I am not taking it personally.'

Below is an interview with Peter Blessing's mum.