'I'm tired of people connecting me to Chris Msando's death,' shouts Moses Kuria

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Gatundu South Member of parliament has promised to address the nation regarding Chris Msando's murder.

The controversial lawmaker says that he has always been connected to the murder of the ICT manager employed by IEBC.

Msando was killed by unknown people and his body later dumped in a thicket alongside that of a female companion identified as Carol Ngumbu.

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Moses Kuria says he will address the nation today to clear the air.

I am sick and tired of people connecting me to the murder of Chris Msando. I will address the media on Monday 20th January 2020 at 3pm about this whole issue.

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Eva Buyu, Msando's widow sent a chilling message to her husband's killers, leaving many shaken.

Are you happy? Because I know you are watching! May you not have peace! And vengeance is of the Lord. Na Mungu atatupigania (And God will fight for us). Chris’s death will not go in vain," she said during the mass requiem which was aired on local TV stations.

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