A woman seeking to withdraw a rape case she had filed against her boyfriend was treated to a rude shock when her request was declined.

Margaret Waithera Kariuki, who had reported her boyfriend, Lawrence Wambugu Mwangi, for allegedly causing aggravated bodily harm and attempted rape on November 13, 2019, now sought to forgive him.

Waithera, who appeared before Nyahururu Senior Resident Magistrate, Ocharo Momanyi, citing her close relations with the accused, she had decided to withdraw the case.

“I have arrived at this decision without any form of coercion or manipulation from anyone, this is a reconcilable matter and I am certain we can make arrangements outside court,” she announced.

The Magistrate, however, was not amused by the seemingly sudden turn of events and declared that the case is moved to trial seeing as the allegations were criminal offences and justice should be left to prevail.

“In the interest of justice and regard for the magnitude of charges before the accused, this matter should aptly proceed to trial,” he ruled.

The accused had denied to the three counts of rape, attempted rape and assault when he appeared before the Court on November 14, 2019, and has since been remanded at Thomson Falls G.K Prison.

The prosecution was ordered to provide all witness statements to the defence lawyers as the matter would be mentioned on January 16, 2020, and heard on March 3, 2020.

KNA by Kevin Waweru