Rapper Kenneth Aketch, popularly known as Kenrazy, and his wife Frediana Nafula (Sosuun) recently welcomed a bouncing baby girl whom they christened Freneth Highness Aketch.

However, what left his fans dumbfounded was their daughter's unique name. Truth be told, very few people have heard of such a name before.

But it's not the first time that the Ghipuka founder is giving his kids 'extraordinary' names. His first born, who also happens to be a girl, was christened Keniana.

So how do Kenrazy and Sosuun come up with the children's unique names? Well, it's pretty simple.

Kenrazy's real name is Kenneth and his wife is Frediana. So, for their first born Keniana, they picked the first part of his name Ken and the last four letters of her name iana.

For Freneth, the couple went with the first three letters of Sosuun's name Fre and the last four letters of Kenrazy's real name neth and viola!

In case you were looking for inspiration for babies' names. There you have it ladies and lads.

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