'Skimpily dressed women often attempt to seduce me in church,' Pastor Migwi

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Pastor Godfrey Migwi has been teaching Bible study on Kameme FM for close to nine years. He is the founder of House of Hope Church in Kayole.

He is a psychologist from Mount Kenya University. He is also a religion and political analyst at BBC News Swahili Radio.

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Just like most Pentecostal churches, he baptises his congregation in water, a sign that one has accepted Christ.

"I baptise new believers in a flowing river following in the steps of Jesus Christ, who was baptised in River Jordan by his cousin John. I do it in any clean river in the country but not swimming pools as many churches do in Kenya," he said in an interview with Mpasho.

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Pastors face a lot of challenges, among them rejection and temptations. Speaking about some of these challenges, Pastor Migwi said,

At times we're tempted by skimpily dressed women who come to church to make advances on us in the name of counselling. We are human beings and have feelings.

He added, quoting Ruth 3:7-1-0 and Genesis 38: 2.

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