Muchai to Jacob Juma: Prominent Kenyans murdered in cold blood - List

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

We have lost quite a number of politicians, some through natural causes, some by assassinations and others under unclear circumstances.

We take a look at politicians who have met their death by the bullet.

1. George Muchai

The Kabete Member of Parliament died in February 2015, after being shot dead early Saturday morning at the Kenyatta Avenue-Uhuru Highway roundabout in Nairobi.

Two of the MP’s bodyguards and his driver also died in the incident.

The occupants of the second vehicle said the MP stopped at the roundabout when four people with big guns approached his car and started shooting.

 A relative told detectives at the scene that,

They just started spraying it with bullets. When we saw that, our driver sped past the other car and when we came back to the scene a few minutes later, all the occupants of the vehicle were dead.

2. Jacob Juma

The flamboyant man met his death on May 5th 2016 after being shot in cold blood. Police reports indicated that Mr Juma was killed at 10 pm near Lenana School.

His bullet-riddled vehicle was found in a ditch, it had 10 bullet holes.

Nothing was stolen from the businessman as two mobile phones and cash were found in the vehicle.

Jacob Juma

3. Tom Mboya

Mboya who was a former trade unionist, educationist, Pan Africanist, author, independence activist was fatally shot by Nahashon Njoroge in 1969.

This happened on Government Road (now Moi Avenue) as he was leaving a chemist, but it was reported in Nairobi that Njoroge had died at 3 am on November 8.

According to these reports, he went to his death without explaining what he had meant when he asked police after his arrest: Why don’t you go after the big man?”

It was due to such statements which rose suspicions that Mboya’s shooting was a political assassination.

4. Gama Pinto

He was the founder of Kenya African National Union (KANU) newspaper Sauti Ya KANU, and later, Pan African Press, of which he subsequently became Director and Secretary.

In 1963 he was elected a Member of the Central Legislative Assembly and in July 1964 was appointed a Specially Elected Member of the House of Representatives.

Gama Pinto

On February 24, 1965, Pinto was shot at very close range in the driveway while waiting for the gate to open.

He was with his daughter in his car at the time of his killing. he was aged  38.

Kisilu Mutua was arrested for the killing

5. Kombo Gude alias Kombo Chui and his ally Nassib Diti

Former Ukunda MCA aspirant Kombo Gude alias Kombo Chui and his ally Nassib Diti were on April 2018 gunned down by unknown assailants.

The two were shot dead near Wembley Video Hall in Kibundani Village, Ukunda ward, Kwale county.

Msambweni sub-county police boss Joseph Chebusit said the incident took place at around 7.30pm.