'If Kambua is pregnant, I now have hope for a child,' Evelyne Wanjiru says

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

Gospel artiste Evelyne Wanjiru has revealed that Kambua's pregnancy has given her a lot of hope in her pursuit to have a baby of her own.

Evelyne has been married for the last seven years and hasn't been able to bear a child.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Jappanni on Radio Jambo, Evelyne revealed,

Kambua and I got married the same day and I am so proud [of her pregnancy] and hopeful [I will have a child of my own too].

If we were in the same boat [of having a childless marriage] we would have been both crying.

If I don't congratulate her now when my time reaches no one will even notice me.

It has given me hope because I know my miracle is on the way.

Evelyne also opened up about how supportive her husband of 7-years has been.

My marriage has been an interesting journey but I don't worry because I don't have kids.

My husband really gives me strength.

If I was getting pressure from him I would have been worried.

I, however, do get pressure from other people including close friends.

She adds,

There is a day a friend asked me to close myself in a closet and ask God for a child.

That thing hurt me a lot but my husband encouraged me to wait for God's time.

I am under medication for hormonal imbalance. My advice to other women is for them not to give up.