If you really want to figure out if you truly like this person or not, consider a few things first. These things help you discover if you truly like this guy or not.

1. Think about why you’re confused about it

The fact you’re questioning your feelings for this person is enough reason to have reservations. Normally, if you like someone, you really like them and that’s that.

If you’re debating whether or not you have feelings for him, think about why that is.

Are you just starting to like him and the feelings aren’t that strong? Are you unsure because you don’t know him that well?

Figuring out the truth behind your own questioning helps you find out if your feelings are real.

2. Make a list of all the things you like about him

This is a great exercise when deciding anything really.

By getting your likes on paper you’ll be able to pinpoint the qualities you like most about him.

If those are all things pertaining to his looks, it’s safe to assume you’re only physically attracted to him.

3. Have you got to know him at all

Have you ever sat down and got to know him at all?

Do you know his likes, dislikes, morals, and even some of his goals?

If not, then you may not even have grounds for liking him.

Sometimes all there is is an attraction. Before you nosedive into something you might regret, ensure you are sure about it.

4. Length of time the crush has been going one

There’s a difference between a crush that’s lasted a week and a crush that’s lasted for a couple of months.

If you’ve been crushing on him for a very long time, you probably have real feelings for him. If not, give it some time and see if the feelings pass.

5. Does he compliment you? What is it about him

This is something not a lot of people think about while wondering ‘do I like him’ out loud.

If you think you like someone but you’re unsure and they often compliment you, you could just like the fact they compliment you, and nothing else about him.