'I used to slave hard at Industrial area,' Churchill on life before fame

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Comedian Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, has opened up about his life before the fame.

He was speaking during the Ruach Festival at Sarit Centre Expo.

Churchill said that he slaved away in Industrial Area as a casual labourer before his main passion, comedy, saved his life.

“I used to work in Industrial Area washing bottles and I would be paid peanuts. The money wasn’t enough for food and transport. Things were not easy back then,” Churchill told Mpasho.

Speaking about the Ruach Festival, the godfather of comedy said, “The event was refreshing, restoring. I am so glad and lucky to have been part of that amazing event.

“I wish it could happen every other day. I needed it and I’m sure those who came there were totally blessed and it must have made a lot of difference in their lives.”

The event, whose theme was ‘To restore, rebuild and revive’ was attended by top comedians among them Uganda’s Salvado, Kenya’s MC Jessy, Sleepy David, MCA Tricky, Otos and Dr Ofweneke.

Gospel singer Guardian Angel was the artiste of the night.

According to the festival’s website, “The R movement endeavours to begin a conscious driven drawn up agenda that will require every members’ participation over the next 20 years, & with an eagle eye focus on the endgame.”

Other speakers of the event were Bishop JB Masinde, Bishop Fed Idahosa, Apostle Joshua Selman, Pastor Edwin Biayebo and Rev Julian Kyula.