'Run sis!' Signs your boyfriend is using you

Piece by: Caroline Mutembei

You're never a priority

A good partner is there for you when you need them unless they’re in their own inescapable situation. The guy is always busy especially when both of you are supposed to meet up.

This man flakes out on a lot of promises and dates but bails on you last minute and consistently disappears when you need him most. A man who wants to make plans with you will make sure he shows up.

He is not interested in getting to know you

Someone who genuinely likes you will want to find out more about you. That’s how they figure out if you’re compatible in the long run, or find out how to make you happy.

A man who is using you will not be interested in learning about who you are – what’s the point in getting invested in you if he doesn’t plan to stick around? He might not really be interested in you at all.

He has not introduced you to his circle

You’ve been going out for a while, but you’ve never met his friends or family.

When you ask, he brushes it off. A man who is committed to you for the right reasons would want you to meet those he loves and cares about, but a man who is using you wouldn’t see the point in doing so.

Always wants you to do some favours for him

Relationships are about give and take. If your man always asks for favours but never seems to be able to return them, he might just be using you for convenience. Every time you see your partner; he’s asking to borrow something of yours that he likes.

Financial Dependence

Yes, of course, partners often have different income levels. It’s okay for one partner to be financially dependent on another in a committed relationship if both parties are in agreement about it.

But if your man only comes around when he’s in a tight spot or wants to buy something, be cautious.